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Presenters | Hawaii Island Sustainability Forum

April 3oth, 1-6pm 
Palace Theater in Hilo!

Fill out this short form to apply to present.

The Idea
Share a short, 10 minute, entertaining, educational and inspiring perspective of our island’s sustainability in your particular area of expertise. The forum is intended to support anyone interested in learning more about our island’s sustainability efforts.

The Opportunity

Share your efforts and connect with your neighbors, peers, colleagues from around the island. Present facts and figures as an expert in your field to a larger audience than may be possible in individual classes, workshops and seminars around the island. The venue allows presenters to share their story under the best possible circumstances. After your presentation attendees are invited to connect with you in designated discussion areas. Presenters are invited to connect with our social media partners.

Format of the Event
A short video will help introduce your topic. Then you’ve be given 10 minutes to tell your story. Presenters are asked to continue with a follow up discussion in a designated area of the lobby. You will be guided to this spot by a volunteer who will help gather folks interested in continuing the discussion.

Presentations should contain facts related to our island’s sustainability which help folks live more self-sufficiently. Key indicators, metrics and information residents need to know to make informed decisions. Presentations should help attendees understand our island’s key self-sufficiency concerns in your area of expertise. This important opportunity can serve many by illuminating information which helps us live self-sufficiently.

This event and its assets, ie; your presentation are all being released under a creative commons, share-alike license. Attribution is required. This means we’re putting all the presentations on the web for folks to download later.

Schedule (Updated!)

  • April 30th, 12:00pm – Presenter orientation. Presenters (guest ticket holders invited) will gather inside the Theater for a short walk-through of the event. Formalities such as where to enter/exit stage, additional choreography, where to meet for your post presentation discussion and other important details will be covered. We’ll meet in the theater lobby.
  • 12:30pm – Doors open.
  • 1:00pm – Event timeline begins.
    • 2 Intermissions. Exact time TBA
  • 6:00 – Event timeline ends.
  • 6:30pm Doors close.


  • April 25th. Noon. Complete multimedia slide presentations delivered by 8pm. You may want to consider getting your presentation in a day early. There will be no opportunity to change your slides later. Know, rehearse and re-rehearse your presentation. Watch TED Talks to learn how to present if necessary. This event is like a proving ground for TED Talks. Be prepared to give the talk of your life!

View last year’s presenters and panelists.

Format of Your Presentation
Presentations are accepted in any standard format such as;

  • Slides should be single image, jpegs, sized at 1024 x 768, 10-15 slides is preferred.
  • Video should be less than three minutes and available on YouTube. Send url for consideration.
  • Here’s a link to a slideshow that contains thousands of photos found via creative commons license search.
  • Here’s a sample slide presentation in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and PowerPoint (PPT) formats.
  • Courier, Georgia, Trebuchet, Verdana, Arial, Times fonts will work as you use them. Other fonts will be crunched, pixelated, screwed-up, resized strangely and may not appear at all. Consider using Arial. If you’re creating your presentation on a Mac, let us know BEFORE the deadline and submit your slides to Google Presentation via Google Docs.

Since your presentation source file is being built into a single event timeline some modifications may need to be made on our end. Important! There will be no opportunity to change your slides later. Once submitted, you are in a rehearsal period. So keep them simple. Your presentation will also be seen before and after a video.

Call Brent with any questions – 896-7656

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