Introducing Daniel Morii – Executive Producer

Daniel Morii has been the Executive Producer of a weekly television program entitled Pacific Fusion. Pacific Fusion has been running for the last four seasons here locally, in Hawaii on KHON 2 FOX and was nominated for an Emmy in 2006.

Today the program is syndicated to over 300 national markets and reaches over 30 million homes internationally. The program is distributed to the top 5 media markets; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area… Honolulu is number #76…

Brook Lee, former Miss Hawaii and Miss Universe, and also a savvy media pro with a Masters in Communication was the show’s host. …yes, THAT show!

A serendipitous meeting with Daniel got us to talking a couple months ago. We already knew there was a need to profile our green collar champions here on Hawai`i Island. In fact, Daniel was already doing this.

While I’m a relative newbie to sustainable living, Daniel has been filming and interviewing pioneers and visionaries since the late 70’s; from the urban neighborhoods of the Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco, and across the nation to New York City. He filmed the early days of the Campaign for the Earth (also see link to new site below) efforts nearly 20 years ago.

Recently Daniel has been capturing and editing, from his off the grid studio, amazing stories of local green collar workers. on Hawai`i Island. These are truly moving videos with the real heroes of the green movement on Hawai`i Island.

If you’re interested in telling your story, we hope you can share our passion for telling the story. We’d like to hear your story and possibly capture the whole thing on camera.

Daniel and I will be on hand to capture your efforts in the sustainability community here on Hawai`i Island.

More information to come.

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