Puna Community Education and Outreach

In May 2018, GCT Director Norris, volunteered and subsequently joined the Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee to further sustainability and recovery goals of residents living in Puna. The committee is tasked with implementing the Puna Community Development Plan as authorized by Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim.

During an August 2018 PCDP AC meeting two key motions were filed with the committee;

  1. Puna CDP AC Mtg Agenda Item Request – Economic Recovery Options for Puna.pdf
  2. Puna CDP AC Mtg Agenda Item Request – Innovation.pdf

After the motions were filed they were tabled in the March 15th meeting pending the rebuilding of Highway 132 which is now complete. This was seen as a higher-priority item for Puna residents according to submitted testimony regarding the building of roads back into Puna subdivisions.

On Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 a meeting was held in the county planning department to discuss recovery progress. Chair Norris requested both motions be heard formally in an upcoming PCDP AC meeting to be scheduled.

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