About Us

Green Collar Technologies is a tax-exempt, 501c3 non-profit corporation registered to do business in Hawaii. 


We envision more people learning sustainability practices, being happier, healthier and more self-sufficient as a result.


  • Raise our awareness, educate ourselves and consistently improve our efforts.
  • Help raise awareness for others and support like-minded individuals and organizations.
  • Provide affordable programs to help anyone learn how to live more sustainably.

We’ve raised awareness through events like the Hawaii Island Sustainability Forum, Hawaii Cannabis Expos and TEDxHilo. We’ve served diverse populations through our sustainable education series of classes. Tuitions remain low and our classes are often filled. We’re committed to making a difference in local communities.   

In 2017, we’re building more partnerships with sponsors and donors. If you would like to get involved, please send us a note with your needs or make a quick donation to support our ongoing programs.