Big Wave Surfing Ocean Safety Program

Eric Akiskilian - Big Wave Surfer
March 31, 2017 - International

Professional big wave surfer, Eric Akiskalian is leading a new global water patrol and safety program to help ensure that big wave surfers are safer in the future.

With Green Collar Technologies support, Eric’s safety crews will be running water safety during the big wave seasons at well recognized big wave locations throughout the world. This program will also assist in providing safety equipment to other safety crews that are in need of support. Water rescues and assists during big swells are critical in today’s world of extreme big wave surfing.

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Hawaii Island Sustainable Living Series and Green Economy Report

In partnership with the Sustainable Living Institue and the County of Hawaii, Green Collar Technologies have agreed to provide a series of classes to help families and individuals become more self-sufficient. We’ll be providing classes in each district on Hawaii Island.

We’ll start with four nights in November at the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo. November’s classes will provide expert and specialized techniques in living a more sustainable life on Hawaii Island.

We are contracting with our island best sustainability instructors and pioneers to provide a unique educational experience. Instruction will be provided in the following sustainability classes;

  • Rainwater Harvesting,
  • Alternative Power Basics,
  • Organic Gardening,
  • and Sustainability Applied.

With help from the County of Hawaii and our sponsors, we are delivering these classes to the folks that need it most for just $5 per class.

Our per class goal is 40 students in Hilo and 60 Students in Kona in February at the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii Authority (NELHA). To ensure we fill our seats we will reach out and market our classes in all areas of the island.

About Green Collar Technologies
We are a federally recognized 501c3 organized in Hawaii since January 2008. We have relationships with local government, schools,
charities, community non-profits, businesses and leaders in sustainability. We are delivering on our mission to research, develop,
organize and deliver partnerships and programs which benefit and educate green collar workers in Hawaii.