Donations are used to create and deliver programs in sustainability.

Since 2008 the Green Collar Technologies board of directors have insisted on two things;

  1. Programs that save and improve the lives of people in our communities and
  2. Affordable programs for students with low-administration costs. We keep costs low and focus on measureable results.

To reduce costs, we’ve partnered with local and state governments. We’ve filled gaps in education and community awareness. We’ve partnered with like-minded organizations to increase capacity and further reduce costs by avoiding duplicative efforts.

To keep our programs running we need your support.

We use PayPal for credit card donations online. Large donors may prefer to send a check to help us keep administration costs low. Checks can be made payable to Green Collar Technologies.
Mailing address:
University of Hawaii at Hilo Innovation Center
Green Collar Technologies
117 Keawe Street #132, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Immediately following your paid donation we do the following;

  • A thank you letter for your tax records.
  • You’ll be added to our private donor subscriber list. You’ll get timely program updates and an inside look at our efforts in your inbox.
  • A thank you call from one of our board members to answer any questions and improve our efforts to serve.

We work closely with all donors to ensure the funds you give are matched with the program that inspires you most. Your involvement makes everything possible for our instructors to deliver world-class programs with measureable results.

(You choose the amount.)