Global Ocean Safety And Water Patrol Big Wave Surfing Program

Sion Milosky, an accomplished big-wave surfer, died at Mavericks on March 16, 2011. Milosky, 35, of Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii, apparently drowned after enduring a two-wave hold down around 6:30 PM. Twenty minutes after the incident, Nathan Fletcher found Milosky’s body floating at the Pillar Point Harbor mouth. Previously on December 23, 1994, world-renowned surfer Mark Foo lost his life surfing Mavericks. More tragedies have occured and we hope to stop this trend at big wave destinations around the world.

This project raises awareness for and delivers the necessary support to reduce injuries and deaths from big wave surfing accidents. Not enough is being done. We need to know that we have all done everything possible to saves lives before we get in the water.

Now a days, there are too few ocean safety crews in the water to the over whelming amount of big wave surfers in the line up. For example, when Mavericks in Northern California, a globally recognized and famous big wave surf location gets in the 40’-60’ range, it is not uncommon for the lineup to look like rush hour traffic in Los Angeles, CA during the morning commute on the 405. With more then 50 guys in the lineup and only 2-4 water safety personnel assisting, it is not possible to watch over everyone when things go wrong. The ratio does not add up and with so many guys coming in for giant swells and not ensuring their own safety crews, only adds more stress and work for the few safety guys available. Safety crews from all over the globe at any given location are currently volunteering their time and services while risking their own lives, taking time off work and away from their families to ensure the safety of the surfers and all because they love what they do.

Locations like Pe’ahi, Hawaii – Maverick’s, California – Nazare, Portugal – Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Nelscott Reef, South Reef, Oregon and Mullaghmore Head, Ireland have some of the most qualified safety teams on the planet. These are the guys who are keeping surfers safe, but doing so isn’t cheap and neither is maintaining PWC’s / equipment, logistics, training additional safety teams, and future generations.

Funding will be used for:

  • Eric Akiskalian, Head of International Logistics, Budgets and Program
  • Medical and Water Safety Personnel
  • Cliff Spotters
  • Basic Medical Equipment
  • PWC’s and Equipment ( purchase and or rental )
  • Storage and rental space
  • Insurance
  • Training for safety personnel
  • Safety summits
  • CPR classes and safety courses
  • Travel, transportation and housing
  • Communication devices and wifi service


Today at 56, Eric has become one of the most respected big wave tow-in surfers, ocean safety and logistics specialists in his field and industry while he himself, continues to push his personal limits of big wave surfing and promoting the sport he loves. Eric currently owns and manages which is a website he founded in 2000 to promote the sport of big wave surfing and its athletes, online product sales and offering services from PWC training, ocean safety, tow training and international logistics.

U.S. Coast Guard Ocean Search and Rescue Training
Ocean Safety Educational Course University of Hawaii State License
Archie Kalepa Ocean Safety Rescue and PWC Technician Course Maui County Brian Keaulana-Risk Management Course, System and Incident Command Shawn Alladio K-38 Ocean Rescue and PWC Operation
Certified in CPR & First Aid
PWC Operation and Experience in Lakes since 1980
PWC Operation and Experience in High Surf and Ocean since 2000
Vessel Safety Check- U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Eric’s training program emphasizes on extensive physical and mental training, healthy diet, drug and alcohol free lifestyle, along with maintaining constant respect for the ocean and making safety the number one priority. His expertise and level of safety knowledge comes from his years of training in locations like Mavericks, Jaws, Teahupoo, Shark Park, Cortes Banks, Todos Santos, Nelscott Reef, South Reef, Puenta De Lobos, Ghost Trees, Central Coast, Outer Reefs North Shore, Cloudbreak Fiji, Nazare Portugal and global locations.

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2015 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Entry
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2011 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Finalist
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2006 Billabong XXL Worst Wipe Out of the Year Finalist
2006 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Photo Finalist/Winner
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2004 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Entry

WORK AND BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: sales, marketing, advertising, business management,sponsorship acquisitions, social media marketing, international water safety, logistics coordinator, commentary and host.

• 25 years experience in marketing, sales, advertising, media, event planning, sponsorship acquisitions for profit and non-profit organizations, commentary and television host personality.
• 25 years experience in Cable media/video/film productions
• 17 years experience in PWC Ocean Safety/Support and International Logistics
• 17 years experience in Online product sales, advertising and news editorial
• 15 years experience in the real estate market as owner, landlord and new residential construction/remodel/fixer projects
• 8 years experience in social media marketing, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo,, LinkedIn, Instagram and SnapChat

Santa Barbara City College 1983
Santa Barbara, High School 1978

* Go Big Project Film Company: 2012 to Present
International Logistics Coordinator and Water Safety Crew
Maverick Moments Reality Show – Outside Television Video

Extreme Crossings Reality Show – Insight Television airing 2017

* ‘RED CHARGERS’ Nazare, Portugal Big Wave Project:
Garrett McNamara and The Go Big Project – 2015-2016

* ‘Big -Wave Addicts Reality Show’ September 2010 to Present
Executive Producer/Director/Talent – Documenting big-wave surf adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

* Owner March 2000 to Present
Online sales, advertising, website content, event planning and social media marketing.
Founder/President “Association of Professional Towsurfers”
(APT) 2003-2012
A. This corporation was a non-profit mutual benefit corporation organized under the Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law. The purpose of this corporation was to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under such law.
B. The specific purpose of this corporation was to promote and encourage the
responsible growth and development of professional tow-in surfing; to encourage safety, in connection therewith; to develop and to sanction events, including championships; and to improve business conditions in connection with the foregoing; all for the benefit of professional competitor members, and other members of the Corporation, and promoters and sponsors of sanctioned tow-in surfing events.

* Owner Akiskalian Productions: 1987-2006
Special events and fund-raisers / Producer and Director
New and used car tent sales / Organizer and Manager
Cable Television Entertainment Show, “What’s Up?” / Producer and Director


Project Outline

Eric Akiskalian, Project / Logistics and Safety Coordinator
To over see ALL aspects of the programs; logistics, budgets, accounting,
personnel, training, travel, housing transportation, rentals and equipment.

Big Wave Surfing Locations:
Pe’ahi, Hawaii
Maverick’s, California
Nazare, Portugal
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Nelscott Reef, South Reef, Oregon
Mullaghmore Head, Ireland

Our Goal:
To increase the presence of ocean safety and rescue personnel in the waters during giant swells at specifically chosen big wave locations around the world.

Our Mission:
To promote and ensure ocean safety, awareness and education.

Our Objective:
To offer man power, equipment and or financial support to current ocean safety and rescue personnel at specifically chosen big wave locations around the world.

Estimated Annual Budget: $1.25 million


Pilot Program

October 1, 2017 thru December 31, 2017

Nazare, Portugal

Currently the largest waves in the world break at this location between the months of October and March during the Atlantic Hemisphere big wave season. The current world record for largest wave ever ridden is by Garrett McNamara at this location measuring 78’ back in 2013/14’. This is the heaviest, scariest and most challenging location to surf, tow surf and preform water safety and rescues. This is the best training location in the world for water safety personnel to improve and gain further knowledge and experience. If one can perform safety here and learn how to navigate the horrendous shore break with 50’ waves, he/she can preform water rescues anywhere in the world.

Our presence and purpose is to ensure that there is always extra water safety personnel in place with needed equipment during every big swell.

During the smaller swells we will be training and doing life saving drills in the water and on the beach to stay prepared and ready for the next swell.